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CPAA International Pearl Design Competition is Open for Entries July 03, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) has opened its 14th annual International Pearl Design Competition (IPDC), which includes a collaboration with retail partner the Aaron Faber Gallery to showcase the winning designs. The deadline for entries is Nov. 3.

The CPAA celebrates pearls of all varieties, so it encourages all levels of artisans to compete in the IPDC. The goal is to create compelling new pearl jewelry designs worthy of recognition, media exposure, and possible sales.

There are two divisions: international and domestic. Those who live outside the U.S. compete by submitting renderings and sketches, while those who live within the U.S. compete in two stages with finished jewels. U.S. entrants must be prepared to sell their piece if it reaches finalist or winner status.

The first stage for U.S. contest entrants is submitting professional photographs of completed pieces in one to three different angles (artist’s choice). Prejudging will take place from these photos, from which a list of finalists will emerge. U.S. finalists will be announced on Nov. 13.

U.S. finalists are then expected to mail in their live pieces of finished jewelry for live judging in New York City. Finalists must be willing to sell their pieces at the store of our retail partner, the Aaron Faber gallery in New York City. Do not enter pieces that are already sold or which you are not willing to sell.

Winners will be chosen across all categories on the day of live judging and will be announced on Nov. 30. Select pieces will immediately go on display and for sale at the Aaron Faber gallery in New York City. Unsold items will be returned to their makers in by late February.

U.S. Finalists whose pieces are not chosen as winners will receive certificates, but their pieces could still be chosen to go to the Aaron Faber gallery for display and sale. Notifications about all decisions will be made on Nov. 30.

Awards categories are revised for this year. The Spotlight Award highlights multicolor combinations of pearls (three or more together). A Student award allows those studying at a university with a jewelry arts program to enter with one sketch or a CAD rendering. 

New for this year is an “early bird” discount for completed entries received by Aug. 18. Use the coupon code EARLYBIRD to get a discount of 22%. CPAA members can benefit both from the Early Bird discount and a members-only discount of 30%. (Click here to learn more about the benefits of CPAA membership.)

Judges include Patricia Faber, co-owner of Aaron Faber, as well as others to be announced later.

The cost of entries is $225 for your first, with each additional entry costing $175 apiece.

Student entries are free. Email your sketch or CAD rendering along with the name of your academic institution, program administrator, the administrator's email address, name of your degree program, and your expected date of completion. 

In its years of operation, the IPDC has attracted thousands of entries from more than 40 countries.

Again, winners will be announced on Thursday, Nov. 30, and select winners and finalists will go on display and sale at Aaron Faber.

For awards categories, entry instructions, and complete contest details, click here.

To purchase an entry, click here.

2023 IPDC Timeline:

Aug. 11, CPAA announces this year’s judges

Aug. 18, earlybird deadline closes, regular rate applies

Nov. 3, entry deadline

Nov. 13, U.S. finalists announced. All finalists’ pieces are photographed this week by CPAA. Finalists must ship out their goods to CPAA’s photographer on this date. 

Nov. 28, live judging in Manhattan. 

Nov. 30, winners announced. Select U.S. winners and finalists will go on display and sale at the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York City.

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