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Customers’ Two Most Important Diamond C’s Are Cut And Certificate |  August 22, 2018 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Data from GemFind’s 2018 Semi-Annual Diamond Click Trends Report reveals that while the industry might have resisted the idea of a diamond cut grade, consumers love it. In its ongoing tracking studies of diamond information consumers are searching for online, GemFind’s latest data shows a cut grade of “excellent” garnered more searches than color, clarity, shape, or size. GemFind’s data has good news for GIA too: 82% of all consumer searches for diamonds were for stones with GIA grading certificates. Chart at left shows total searches by percentage for different diamond attributes. 

GemFind’s tabulates data from millions of consumer visits and clicks on retail jewelry websites. Data in the most recent report reflects consumer searches for the six-month period from January through June 2018. Results are fairly comparable to the same period of 2017, says Alex Fetanat, GemFind CEO.

Round is still the most popular shape by far, but cushions and ovals have overtaken princess cuts in recent consumer searches. One carat is the most popular size search, with one-fourth of consumers looking for stones of that size. Slightly smaller (3/4 ct.) and much larger (3.0+ carats) stones ranked number two and three, respectively. G was the most popular color grade by search, followed closely by H and F.

Consumers are willing to trade off clarity for higher quality in other attributes. VS2 was the most popular clarity search, closely followed by a tie between VS1 and SI1.

“When you know what consumers are searching for, you can better stock inventory and grow sales through target marketing,” says Fetanat. To receive a complimentary download of GemFind’s quarterly data reports, visit

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