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Dawson Jewelers in Great Bend Bridges Time-Honored Skills with Contemporary Design April 02, 2024 (0 comments)

Dawson Jewelers store in Great Bend

Great Bend, KS--Dawson Jewelers, led by Dana Dawson, has evolved from its 1953 roots when Charles Dawson opened a watch repair business after WWII. Transitioning from a time when watches were central to everyday life, Dawson's now specializes in unique, custom jewelry and the restoration of heirloom pieces.

[Screengrab image via Dawson Jewelers/Facebook]

According to a report in Great Bend Tribune, Charles Dawson's initial focus on precise timekeeping, crucial for the era's railway operations, laid the groundwork for a durable business. However, as the demand for mechanical watch repair declined with the rise of quartz watches, Dawson adapted, shifting towards jewelry work.

Today, the business stands out under Dana Dawson for its in-house design and creation process. From sketching customer ideas to casting and setting stones, Dawson handles all aspects of jewelry making. The shop also embraces modern techniques and materials, including lab-created diamonds and recycled gold.

The report adds that report and restoration services are another cornerstone of Dawson, highlighting the importance of preserving jewelry pieces' sentimental and historical value.

Dawson's reputation extends beyond its craft to its approach to customer service. In the report, Dana Dawson stressed the importance of education and personalized service, aiming to build lasting customer relationships through honesty and integrity.

Learn more in the report published in Great Bend Tribune.

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