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Dazzling Asscher-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings April 18, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Asscher-cut diamonds, known for their vintage and modern appeal, make stunning centerpieces for engagement rings. This square-shaped, step-cut diamond with 58 facets, invented by Joseph Asscher in 1902, offers more sparkle than its cousin, the emerald-cut diamond.

[Image via Natural Diamonds]

Thelma West's Mae ring showcases an Asscher-cut diamond in a warm 18K rose gold and rich brown ceramic setting. Briony Raymond's New York design features a 7-carat Asscher-cut diamond surrounded by baguette diamonds within yellow gold bezels, creating a striking Regent ring. De Beers' DB Classic ring utilizes prominent prongs to conceal the cut's cropped corners, perfect for those who prefer a square step-cut diamond.

KatKim's unique Cosma ring presents a 1.5-carat Asscher-cut diamond within an x-shaped yellow gold band with pavé diamonds. Brent Neale's chunky bezel-set Asscher-cut diamond ring contrasts an 18K yellow gold setting with a sparkling white diamond. Grace Lee's design highlights a 1.5-carat Asscher-cut diamond, complemented by two trapezoid diamonds for a modern geometric look.

Kwiat creatively rotates the Asscher-cut diamond, giving the illusion of a diamond shape, secured by delicate, claw-shaped yellow gold prongs. Lauren Addison pairs a 3.40-carat fancy intense yellow diamond with white trillion-cut diamonds in a mixed metal setting. Lugano Diamonds' ring features a 5-carat Asscher-cut diamond, with the band adorned by 2.9 carats of emerald-cut diamonds.

Nikos Koulis' Oui ring combines a large Asscher-cut diamond with tapered baguette diamonds, black enamel, and an open design. Lastly, Jemma Wynne's Autumn ring displays a 3-carat Asscher-cut diamond flanked by shield-shaped diamonds in white gold, offering a chic, updated take on a three-stone ring.

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