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De Beers, Diacore Partner To Purchase Five Extraordinary Blue Diamonds From Legendary Cullinan Mine November 25, 2020 (0 comments)


London, UK—De Beers Group and renowned cutter Diacore have partnered in the purchase of five rare blue diamonds, totalling 85.62 carats, for a total purchase price of $40.36 million, split equally between the companies. All diamond images courtesy Petra Diamonds.

The rough diamonds were discovered at the legendary Cullinan Diamond Mine, which, for over a century, has produced some magnificent gems and is best known as the mine of origin for the most famous diamond of all time, the Cullinan, part of the British Crown Jewels. The largest stone in this collection of blues is a 25.75 carat rough diamond.

Paul Rowley, De Beers Group’s executive vice president of diamond trading, said, “We are excited and humbled to have the opportunity to unlock the unparalleled beauty of these rare and extraordinary natural diamonds and share them with the world. Cullinan has produced some of the most beautiful diamonds the world has ever seen and these blue diamonds are no exception.”

Diacore, meanwhile, is an expert in cutting rare, exceptional gems, particularly colored diamonds. The cutter has previously partnered with De Beers Group on cutting the 203.04 carat Millennium Star diamond. Says executive chairman Nir Livnat, “I’m thrilled with the purchase of Cullinan’s rare blue diamond collection with De Beers, demonstrating our long-term vision and passion in creating one of-a-kind masterpieces.” 

The two companies will select expert craftsmen to study and work with the diamonds and ultimately unlock their natural beauty before they are presented to the public as cut gems.

Cullinan Blue Collection - Petra

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