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Dialog Platform Grows Over 300% Since Official Launch in Late 2020 July 08, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-5-20 HRA3

Vancouver, BC--Dialog Solutions Inc., the world’s first diamond subscription service, has seen over 300% growth since it’s official launch in November 2020, thanks to a rapidly growing demand from independent jewelery retailers and chain stores, according to a recent company release. 

The diamond subscription service is causing jewelers to shift away from traditional methods of sourcing diamonds and embrace the benefits of a more efficient and flexible approach to merchandising, said the company.

Retail Doors Jump to Over 70

What has become simply known as “Dialog” was previously launched in beta form with a close group of retailers for testing of its user experience. Since it’s official launch, Dialog has seen three times growth in its active subscription base in the first six months of 2021. In the first two quarters of 2021, Dialog has grown from 20 retail doors to over 70 with a projected user base of 100 doors by the end of the summer.

Hales Jewelers, in South Carolina, is an early user of Dialog. “Dialog has made my diamond business easier and more efficient” says Lucian Lee, president of Hales. “With Dialog, we always have the goods we need in the showcase, on hand, when our customers walk in the door.”

“We founded Dialog to provide a modern alternative to the traditional channels of sourcing loose diamonds and I believe it is resonating in the market,” said Itay Ariel, one of the founders of Dialog. “Dialog is a simple solution that addresses multiple pressure points with retailers. We have truly been humbled by the response.”

About Dialog: Dialog was founded to provide a solution for the jewelery retail market. As diamond industry veterans, the Dialog team has a unique perspective on the diamond supply chain and modern pressure points facing diamond retailers. In Dialog, retailers subscribe to their desired inventory level and simply select the right diamonds for their stores. Each retailer receives a curated diamond inventory based on their set of demands and characteristics. By transferring the inventory cost and risk to Dialog, the retailer is able to utilize their funds elsewhere towards higher yielding initiatives and unlock capital for other opportunities. To learn more, please visit

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