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Diamonds Do Good and Punchmark Partner in New Community Retailer Initiative April 28, 2022 (0 comments)


Oklahoma City, OK--At the 2022 AGS Conclave, international non-profit Diamonds Do Good® and leading jewelry website design firm Punchmark announced their partnership to provide retailers with a consumer-centered “5th C = Community” template page for their websites.

“Traditional 4Cs of diamonds are tactical tools to describe the physical characteristics of a diamond but are devoid of the emotion and passion natural diamonds represent” says Diamonds Do Good Executive Director Nancy Orem Lyman. “Today’s consumers need more than comparative characteristics – they need to know the positive impact they have on people and communities. This is the real story behind diamonds and their value. “

The focus of the initiative is to give consumers a better understanding of the industry’s commitment to creating social and economic opportunity for everyone who comes in contact with diamonds along their journey from mine to retail.

The customizable template designed by Punchmark uses assets developed by Diamonds Do Good to take consumers through this journey. The template is adaptable for each retailer to include images and quotes to highlight their own social purpose programs supporting communities where they do business.

“Jewelry Retailers are among the most generous and philanthropic of any industry” says Bryan Cockerham, Partner at Punchmark. “We want to provide an easy mechanism for their current and new customers to learn about these efforts.”

Contact Orem Lyman at or Cockerham at for more information.

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