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Douglas Jewelers Marks Half a Century of Crafting Memories April 04, 2023 (0 comments)


Conroe, TX--Douglas Jewelers, a family-owned jeweler with a 54-year history, has spent the last five years in Conroe, providing a variety of services, including buying, selling, and repairing Rolex watches and jewelry. 

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Owner Greg Gordon takes pride in their handpicked selection, which sets them apart from generic offerings.

Originally studying medicine in college, Gordon discovered his passion for jewelry and launched his career by selling his creations to Walmart, becoming one of the top vendors.

Unlike corporate jewelry stores that use lab-created diamonds, Douglas Jewelers focuses on natural stones sourced from the earth, adding sentimental value to each piece.

In a report, Gordon emphasizes the importance of taking the time to shop for a loved one and creating a special experience for his customers. He aims to build lifelong relationships with clients, rather than focusing on one-time purchases.

Gordon finds romance in offering natural stones, explaining that when a couple selects a stone for their wedding, they choose the one created by nature, not incubated in a lab.

The store features bestselling Rolex watches ($100-$100,000), cross necklaces ($1,000 and up) in sterling silver, gold, and platinum, and custom sets (sold for $100,000) with prices varying based on design and materials.

Douglas Jewelers' commitment to quality and personalized service has allowed the business to thrive for over half a century, ensuring cherished memories for generations to come.

Learn more in the report.

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