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Essential Guide to Watch-Wearing by Springer’s Jewelers March 13, 2024 (0 comments)


Portland, ME--Springer's Jewelers wrote a blog post about the importance of watches in professional and formal settings. The company noted that glancing at a wristwatch is more respectful and less disruptive than checking a smartphone.

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The guide suggests that a suitable watch might already be among one's possessions or family heirlooms, highlighting the importance of personal style and functionality in the selection process.

The guide positions high-quality watches as valuable long-term investments capable of being passed down through generations.

The jeweler, which offers fitting services at their locations, irrespective of the watch's origin, also stresses the significance of a proper fit, indicating that a snug watch looks better and prolongs the timepiece's life. 

Springer's Jeweler's advice combines traditional values with practical recommendations. It presents the wristwatch as a statement of style, legacy, and proper etiquette. 

Explore the guide here.

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