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Finding Great People for Your Jewelry Store Where You’d Least Expect |  February 14, 2021 (1 comment)

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Virginia Beach, VA--When you’re out with friends and/or family dining out, have you ever had a server that just seemed over-the-top dedicated to making sure you had a wonderful time?

And your food; its presentation, and the service received. If it was exemplary, why not ask your server, “Is ‘hospitality’, or the restaurant business your career of choice?” You may find out, like I have on occasion, that it’s just a job they got to pay for college or, they just love seeing to it that people have a good time.

If they tell you they’re pursuing a career in that field, you can still pitch the fine jewelry business as another possible career option. But, if they tell you they are pursuing some other kind of degree, but really haven’t decided what they want to do yet--oh, that’s music to my ears. Because if that server’s having a wonderful time helping their customers to have a memorable, wonderful time, you’re looking at a strong possibility of a perfect fit for a position at a fine jewelry retailer.

Doctor’s Office?

Or perhaps you walk into some establishment (maybe a doctor’s office) where there is a litany of issues happening all at once that the receptionist or office manager is coping well with getting handled. It’s one of those cases where you’re watching someone handle the issues with grace, tact, and speed. all while keeping business moving without interruption.

No one would even suspect there is an issue but, you happen to be there at the right time to witness events unfold. You notice the person who got a handle on it quickly and smoothly all while remaining pleasant to work with.

If I were you, I’d make it my business to get the name of that person and contact them as soon as possible to ask, ‘How much do you love your job?’ From there a series of questions and answers all asked within just a few minutes should let you know if you have a prospective hire or not.

Exceptional People Stand Out

My major point is that exceptional people are not commonplace in any type of retail establishment. They are always more noticeable than those who just punch a clock, because they bring passion and commitment to their jobs. They also seem to exhibit an inherent joy in the tasks they perform. Therefore, they stand out.

It could be a handsome young man that you meet at the drive-up window of a fast food restaurant.

He has a wonderful smile and a great personality. So, why is he working there? Want to find out why?  His name is probably on the receipt he gave you when you picked up your order. So is the phone number of the store.

You can call the restaurant and ask to speak with him. When you get him on the phone, explain how and when you briefly met. Compliment him on what you noticed that led you to reach out to him. Tell him who you are and that you are interested in finding out more about him regarding a possible career opportunity. Possibly even ask if he’s thought about his future.

That’s just another example and there is, of course, a great deal of nuance and delicacy involved in approaching people in your area about a job change, or in some cases, a career change.

There was one server we encountered at an Outback Steakhouse while working on an assignment in NYC who is now managing a high volume better jewelry store. This was one of numerous times people who were a prefect fit didn’t work where you would expect to find them.

But to find them, you have to go out and look around. Seek and you will find.

Jon Parker is Executive Vice President/Account Management at DJP Executive Search, a Jewelry-Focused executive search firm based in Virginia Beach, VA, with more than 30 years of in-depth experience assisting retail jewelry stores with their personnel needs. Reach out to Jon at 757-430-9500 or Mobile at 303-641-0992, or on Linked In:

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Correction: The firm I am with is DJP Executive Search, Inc.

By Jon Parker on Feb 15th, 2021 at 12:41pm

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