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Fire Polish Set To Reignite The Fluorescent Diamond Market August 11, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Fire Polish is now offering fluorescent diamonds with the Fire Polish finish in addition to its large inventory of non-fluorescent diamonds. 

Fluorescence has long been a factor of consideration when people look to buy diamonds. In fact, many believe that diamonds with medium to strong fluorescence appear to shine brighter and display enhanced colors. The bluish color given off by fluorescence can help cancel out yellow tones, which makes the stone appear whiter. 

With a focus on light performance, Fire Polish’s patented nano-cutting process is the perfect way to bring a diamond’s natural fluorescence to the next level. By cutting intricate nanoprisms into the pavilion of a fluorescent diamond, Fire Polish unleashes a colorful brilliance that makes it easy to see the difference between a standard ideal-cut diamond and a fluorescent diamond cut by Fire Polish. 

This new approach is set to reignite the fluorescent diamond market for retailers to capitalize on the price point of fluorescent diamonds while providing customers with the sparkle of Fire Polish branded diamonds. For more information, contact Glenn Markman or Robert Goldstein at Fire Polish Diamonds, (855) 805-3473, or visit

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