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Forevermark Launches Black Label Collection; Announces Fall Ad Campaign And Expands ‘Ever Us’ Catego |  June 08, 2016 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV—At its annual breakfast presentation in Las Vegas, Forevermark announced two new initiatives: one, its latest product offering, the Forevermark Black Label Collection, a comprehensive selection of fancy shapes (left); and two, the inclusion of “Ever Us” into its Q4 advertising plans.

A proprietary 2015 survey of women’s diamond acquisition in the United States revealed that round diamonds no longer dominate the market. Current demand for diamond engagement rings is evenly split for round and fancy shapes, driven by Millennial consumers’ desire for a ring that is unique. But 80% of Forevermark’s product offerings featured round diamonds, and only 20% incorporated other shapes, said Charles Stanley, president of Forevermark US.

“As demand trends up, we are underrepresented in fancy shapes. This is a clear opportunity to increase growth,” he said, announcing the debut of the Forevermark Black Label Collection of round, square, cushion, oval, and heart shaped diamonds that exhibit maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation. Cut to perfect symmetry and proportions, each Black Label diamond radiates a visible Compass of Light. At press time, Black Label rounds are available through Forevermark diamantaires Hasenfeld-Stein and HRA Crossworks; they will soon be available through all Forevermark diamantaires. Fancy shapes are exclusively available through HRA Crossworks.

Forevermark Black Label diamonds are cut to exact symmetrical proportions to reflect a perfect compass of light, as these charts show.

“At Forevermark, we are constantly listening to what consumers want, adapting to lead change within the industry, and providing our jewelers with the tools to meet those consumer desires,” said Stanley. He likened the new collection to other product categories’ high-end collections such as Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label.

“The Forevermark Black Label Collection is an industry first, offering ideal cut diamonds in a variety of fancy shapes. It provides truly the best of what Forevermark offers: the best of sourcing with integrity, the best of quality and durability, and the best of beauty. It can take on any other performance cut brand,” he said, although Forevermark plans to focus its marketing on the beauty of the light and away from industry jargon like Ideal or Triple Zero.

Black Label marketing tools for Forevermark jewelers will include visual merchandising, a consumer brochure, in-store videos, and a landing page on that will carry the copy line “For Light Lovers Only.” Advertising visuals will feature a butterfly, which is drawn to light. Advertising for the Black Label product will run within Forevermark’s national advertising campaign in Q4 this year, and new Black Label-specific ads will be available to jewelers starting January 2017.

Also in response to jeweler feedback requesting a more upscale presentation of Forevermark grading reports, Black Label diamonds will receive a larger format report, including technical images of the shape, verifying the perfect proportions, polish and symmetry of the diamond, including cut grades for fancy shapes. It will come in a custom black sleeve showing light performance visuals, along with a new certificate holder. This new larger format grading report also will be applied to all Forevermark diamonds in early 2017.

The Forevermark grading report (above) will be packaged in a custom black sleeve and certificate holder.

Forevermark also announced two new additions to its diamond program that will allow for a more comprehensive Forevermark jewelry offering: the Forevermark Diamond Institute has expanded inscription technology to inscribe Forevermark diamonds starting at 10 points, while a new grouping called Forevermark Petit diamonds will include diamonds under 10 points. Forevermark Petit diamonds will not be inscribed, but will be selected by the Forevermark Diamond Institute to ensure they are of equal quality and pipeline integrity standards as inscribed Forevermark diamonds.

Stanley also announced a reduction of inscription fees for diamonds under one carat, and the introduction of expanded Forevermark ID reports for diamonds up to 49 points.

These expansions will provide a wider range of price points for Forevermark diamond products. Additionally, jewelry using only Forevermark-inscribed and Petit diamonds will now carry the Forevermark icon hallmarked on the jewelry.

“We used to say that if a diamond was too small to be inscribed, it was too small to be Forevermark. But the customer wants to be proud of their Forevermark jewelry and the retailer wants to be able to sell more price points of Forevermark jewelry,” said Stanley, again emphasizing the brand’s response to retailer feedback.

Fall diamond advertising plans. Forevermark also revealed its advertising strategy for the all-important Q4 holiday season with a single-minded focus on emotional, product-specific advertising to drive customers directly in store. The brand will be developing a national broadcast television commercial to run in Q4, featuring the Ever Us Forevermark Two Stone Diamond collection. The new TV spot will focus on the Ever Us bypass ring as well as other two stone product, including earrings and pendants. Ever Us ads will also run in digital and social media.

Some Forevermark jewelers have expressed concern about having the Ever Us product in luxury independents after it’s been widely advertised by mass market Sterling Jewelers. Stanley believes one will have no impact upon the other and the net result of having a new diamond jewelry category will be increased sales for all.

“Like the three stone ring for your past, present, and future, the Ever Us two stone ring is creating a new category across the industry, allowing different tiers of retailers to participate without being negatively impacted by the other. This is an opportunity we simply must not miss,” he told attendees.

Forevermark will expand its ‘Seize the Day’ campaign launched last year. The campaign, targeted to men, will have new lines that inspire men to express their love with the gift of a Forevermark diamond this holiday season. This year’s ‘Seize the Day’ campaign will be clearly branded as Forevermark and feature the Forevermark inscription reflection and logo—a departure from last year, when it was a more generic push and included the Forevermark brand only in the sign-off “Happy Holidays From Forevermark.”

This year’s ‘Seize the Day’ advertising will feature a round solitaire ring, cushion solitaire ring, three- stone ring, Forevermark Ever Us two-stone ring, eternity band, The Center Of My Universe pendant, and martini set studs. It will run in print and digital, and in 19 major markets, outdoor also.

The breakfast conclused with a special ceremony inducting De Beers’ outgoing CEO Philippe Mellier into its Carat Club, for sales associates who sell more than 35 one-carat plus Forevermark diamonds in a year. Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier joked that Mellier earned his way into the club legitimately through the jewelry he’s bought for his wife.

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