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Fort Myers Antique Store Suffers $50,000 Theft, Owner Calls for Public Assistance January 23, 2024 (0 comments)


Fort Myers, FL--A man and woman orchestrated the theft of luxury watches and gold bracelets, collectively valued at over $50,000. The incident, taking place before closing time on January 11, 2024, was captured by the store's surveillance system.

[Screengrab via WINK News]

Dean Gannon, the co-owner of Gannon's Antiques, recounted the event to WINK News, noting that the duo employed a distraction tactic to facilitate the theft. While the man engaged an employee with an item at a lower shelf, his accomplice lifted two Rolex watches, valued at $10,000 and $7,000, along with several bracelets estimated to be worth between $30,000 and $35,000.

Gannon expressed his frustration, acknowledging the persistent threat of theft in retail but emphasizing the calculated nature of this particular act. "They obviously had it planned ahead. They didn't seem to be communicating about what they were going to do at the showcases; they just did it. Like, they were very used to doing it," he stated, as per the report.

The culprits were recorded by over 70 HD cameras strategically placed inside and outside the store. Their vehicle, a car with a Virginia license plate, was also caught on camera, potentially aiding in their identification.

The owner lamented the heartless nature of the criminals, pointing out their lack of remorse. He also revealed to WINK News that the thieves had attempted to steal from other displays in the store but were thwarted in those attempts. This suggests that the pair may have scouted the location beforehand, planning it in detail.

Gannon's Antiques is now reaching out to the community, hoping public assistance can help identify the perpetrators. The Lee County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case, and anyone with information is encouraged to come forward.

Read the report in WINK News.

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