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Frederique Constant Launches SalesConquest CRM July 01, 2010 (0 comments)


Geneva June 25, 2010, Frederique Constant, the Accessible Luxury watch manufacturer from Geneva, is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary iPad-based CRM system, developed by SalesConquest. Sales Rep effectiveness is estimated to increase by 20-30%.

With the new CRM, Frederique Constant Sales Reps now have anytime, anywhere access to data relevant to their customers. SalesConquest CRM’s intuitive interface, featuring tap and drag-and-drop functionality, lets Sales Reps quickly and easily customize, report, view and update information for their customers, partners, prospects and more. Using the CRM, Sales Reps and other mobile workers can:


In addition to CRM functionality, detailed information regarding the entire Frederique Constant assortment and latest press releases are loaded onto the Apple iPads. The full Frederique Constant Master Catalogue and over 20 company films are available for in-store presentation, training and reference. Furthermore, the management has numerous options in terms of real-time viewing and tracking of information, as well as running sales related reports.

“We are very excited about this CRM launch. Frederique Constant is known for its innovative business initiatives. We are certain that the implementation of the SalesConquest CRM system will further drive our growth”, said Peter Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant.

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