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From Reluctant Heir to Master Jeweler: The Legacy of Morgan’s Jewelers and Marshall Varon October 26, 2023 (0 comments)


Torrance, CA--In the post-war era, when Morgan Varon returned from his military duties and joined his brother's small jewelry shop, he may not have imagined that his legacy would span decades and inspire generations. 

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Morgan’s Jewelers, founded by Morgan and Helen Varon in 1946, tells a tale of passion, dedication, and an indomitable spirit of enterprise.

According to an Easy Reader News article, Marshall Varon, Morgan's son, initially had no plans to join the family business. He was an outdoorsy young man, preferring the thrill of sports to the sparkle of gems.

But a twist of fate and his father's intervention through gemology books ignited his passion for the world of gemstones.

Marshall traveled through Europe and Asia in the 1960s and learned the art of gemology. From the streets of Hong Kong and Bangkok to the diamond cutters in Antwerp, Marshall was introduced to a world where art, science, and a touch of adventure coexisted.

Despite the digital age transforming many industries, gemstones remained largely untouched, relying heavily on experience, trust, and the age-old skill of recognizing a gem's quality by sight. With a vision to bring the finest gems to the community and a commitment to exceptional service, Morgan’s Jewelers flourished under Marshall's stewardship, becoming synonymous with quality, trust, and community involvement.

However, life had its share of challenges. 

Marshall faced his challenges head-on — from personal health crises to navigating the intricate world of the gem industry. 

The closure of the Palos Verdes branch of Morgan’s Jewelers marked the end of an era. 

While rumors circulated about the reasons, Marshall clarified that his health primarily influenced his decision. A life of adventure and accidents had taken a toll on his body, and he chose to listen to its call for rest.

The article noted his advice to those lamenting the loss of Morgan’s Jewelers in Palos Verdes? "Go see Russ," he remarked, pointing to his brother's store in Torrance, ensuring that the legacy of Morgan’s Jewelers remains alive and shining.

Learn more in the entire Easy Reader News article.

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