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Fueled By Positivity, Love And Resilience, Le Vian Forecasts 7 Key Sentiments Driving Luxury Jewelry In 2022 August 25, 2021 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV—Le Vian’s annual catwalk fashion forecast and fundraiser, attended annually by retailers, press, and Le Vian's VIP collectors, was held Aug 29 with a goal to raise $1 million for its chosen charities while revealing Le Vian's take on the top upcoming trends in fine jewelry for 2022. 

According to a company release, In 2019, the last time the show was live, a waiter in the room—a single dad working the event—was so moved by Le Vian's fundraising that he made an impromptu request for the microphone and pledged $200 on the spot, which sparked an immediate standing ovation from the entire 500-strong audience. 

Forecasting the Future

When it comes to forecasting the future, Le Vian uses three methods to take the pulse of what jewelry is trending. Worn by Hollywood celebrities from Rihanna to J. Lo, Taylor Swift, and more, the brand watches the style choices of those celebrities closely. Second, the company says it relies on its strong connection with its collectors, the “LeVianistas,” and garners regular feedback, often via several thousand trunk shows held annually at 3200 authorized retailers across the United States and in the United Kingdom, as well as via Le Vian TV shows. Finally, Le Vian says it enjoys close working relationships with top fashion editors, who share their insights into the interplay between fashion and jewelry trends.

Creating the the 2021 event was partly inspired by the Consumer Electronics Show, says company CEO Eddie LeVian. “For years, I have admired how the annual consumer electronics show leverages its appeal as a platform to tell the world what products are about to hit the market in the coming year.” 

Here for the first time, are the seven key trends for 2022 as forecast by Le Vian:

Positivity. Positivity is a characteristic that shines like rays of sunshine, lighting up our darkest hours. This celestial light in all its iterations, from the pastel warmth of a sunrise to the incandescent glow of a setting sun, spans the entire spectrum of colorful gems to symbolize positivity. The gems, diamonds and metals that express Positivity include Sunny Yellow Diamonds®, Honey Gold™, Sunny Yellow Sapphires™ and Cinnamon Citrine®.

Sunny yellow diamonds radiate positivity. Set in platinum, they also express resilience.

Resilience. If there is one lesson we have all learned this past year, it is resilience. This virtue is expressed by platinum, a material unique in only becoming brighter and stronger with every wear.

Love. In these unprecedented times there remains one constant: Love. Nothing captures this ideal better than the heart, this trend’s shape of the year, which is the focal point of the Love Sonnets Heart of the Ocean jewelry line, inspired by the timeless love story of the movie Titanic. Meanwhile, Le Vian’s Love icon of the year is the Elephant, harking back to the LeVian family’s private collection of jewelry treasures dating back to 1501 and the family’s appointment as guardians of the royal jewels of Persia in 1746.


Authenticity. Reminiscent of the beautiful Caribbean waters which mirror the depths of our emotions, Peacock Aquaprase™ is nature’s perfect expression of authenticity. Unique and exquisite, it is the earth’s newest gem, soon to be on permanent display at the American Museum of Natural History.  Combining a semi-translucent blue-green hue, with a unique matrix of brown and white, each gem is 100% natural, genuine, and distinctive from the next.

Wisdom. Le Vian’s organic gem of the year, the pearl, symbolizes the pearls of wisdom we have collected during our recent experience of reflection and hope. Offered in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors, Le Vian’s collection of pearls is reinvented with its stunning array of colors, turning this centuries-old jewel into a cutting-edge fashion trend.

Obsession. Normal people are obsessed with chocolate; LeVianistas are obsessed with Chocolate Diamonds. Just one glimpse of this sumptuously rich, yet increasingly rare diamond, as well as its sister gem the Chocolate Quartz, will transform you into the grown-up version of a kid in a candy store.

Statement. After more than a year of staying inside, there is no better time to make a bold fashion statement. From statement rings with striking wide bands, gladiator rings and men's stacking rings, hoops, necklaces, and more, Le Vian’s statement jewelry is versatile, expressive and individual.


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