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GCAL by Sarine Launches Its First Grading Lab in Surat, India January 12, 2024 (0 comments)


Hod Hasharon, Israel--Sarine Technologies Ltd announced that GCAL by Sarine will have its first certification and grading business to Surat, India.

Sarine describes the move is a key benefit of the Sarine and GCAL merger, combining Sarine’s AI-based grading technologies, extensive customer base in the diamond midstream segment and operational infrastructure in India with GCAL’s grading brand and quality and US retail customer base and service.

Certification and other grading services in the New York and Surat labs will adhere to the unified group’s quality standards, according to a statement by Sarine. The grading certificates will be backed by GCAL’s guarantee.

The New York lab will continue to offer all of GCAL’s grading services, the statement reads.

“Our merger with Sarine leverages the synergy of top-notch gemology and cutting-edge technology, enabling us to enhance our service efficiency for customers while maintaining our renowned commitment to quality,” said Angelo Palmieri, GCAL president.

 David Block, Sarine added: “Throughout the establishment process of the Surat lab over the past months, I have been, once again, impressed by the professionalism and integrity of GCAL. I have full confidence in our partnership and our ability together to take the certification market to new levels of quality and service.”

This expansion aligns with “Sarine’s vision to revolutionize the diamond industry by integrating cutting-edge technology into the certification process, ensuring accuracy, consistency, efficiency, and unparalleled quality assurance,” the statement reads.

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