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GCAL Launches 8X Diamond Cut Grade Standard March 27, 2023 (0 comments)


 GCAL introduces the 8X™ Cut Grade Standard, a guaranteed certificate for the world's most precisely cut diamonds, distinguishing the best.

[Image via Professional Jeweller]

The 8X Ultimate Cut Grade provides buyers a reliable way to choose the most brilliant and beautiful diamonds, even when purchasing online without seeing them in person. Over half of all Round Brilliant Cut diamonds receive an 'Excellent' Cut grade, but less than 1% qualify as 8X. The 8X standard evaluates eight crucial aspects of cut quality assessment, with all eight needing to achieve an Excellent grade for the diamond to be awarded the unparalleled 8X grade.

Physical Precision (Excellents 1-2-3):

1 - Polish
2 - External symmetry
3 - Proportion Light

Handling Ability (Excellents 4-5-6):

4 - Optical brilliance
5 - Fire
6 - Scintillation

Optical Precision (Excellents 7-8):

7 - Optical symmetry
8 - Hearts & Arrows

The 8X standard allows consumers to identify the best color (D), clarity (Flawless), and now the pinnacle in cutting (8X). “8X is the ultimate achievement in precision diamond cutting,” said Don Palmieri, founder, and president of GCAL, as per a report. “It’s about providing a platform for the world’s premier diamond manufacturers to distinguish their products from all others.”

Every 8X certificate includes a zero-tolerance, money-backed consumer guarantee, unique optical 'fingerprint' identification, 360° Fire and Scintillation videos, photomicrographs, and laser inscription. The 8X certs are available for natural and lab-grown diamonds in print and digital formats.

Learn more in this report.

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