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Gem Legacy Celebrates 4th Anniversary With Charity Auction September 21, 2022 (0 comments)


Royal Oak, MI--Gem Legacy, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to supporting vocational training, entrepreneurship, and community development in East African colored gemstone mining communities, is celebrating its 4th anniversary with an auction.                                                                                               

The proceeds of the anniversary auction will fund the charity’s initiative to help prevent silicosis, a deadly lung disease prevalent among Tanzanite miners due to the large exposure to silica dust in the geology of Tanzanite’s host rock. Gem Legacy provides preventative measures, in addition to PPE, customized to the needs of each mine and the jobs of each worker.

Supporters of the auction can bid here.


[Clockwise from top left: Greenwich St. Jewelers’ Astra Signet 18k gold and enamel pinky ring; Anza Gems’ 2.50 carat princess-cut orange zircon from Tanzania, cut by Beth Stier and set by Rebecca Overmann; Enji Jewelry Studio’s 14k gold stud earrings featuring Canadamark diamonds; Roger Dery Gem Designs’ 1.28 carat Mahenge (Tanzania) pink spinel, sourced and cut by Dery. Photo credit: Gem Legacy]

Bidding begins September 21 and ends October 2 at 9 p.m. EST. Bidders can choose to bid in increments or select the “Buy Now” price. Shipping within the United States is sponsored by the JM® Shipping Solution by Jewelers Mutual Group.

Auction item donors are: The American Gem Society, Anza Gems, Buzz Advertising Agency, Dan Lynch Gems, Debra Navarro Jewelry, Enji Jewelry Studio, Gem World, Greenwich St. Jewelers, Luxe Rox, Omi Gems, Parlè Jewelry Designs, Roger Dery Gem Design, and The Smithee Group.

Gem Legacy’s 4th Anniversary includes a celebration of its work in 2022: scholarships for eight students to receive a five-month training in gemology and gemstone faceting; 43 miner toolkits delivered; scholarships for 17 orphans to attend secondary school; 800+ primary school students receiving breakfast and lunch daily, and 10 toilets built for 1,500 secondary school students.

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