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Giving Back: Las Vegas Jewelry Store Owner to Donate A Portion of Store Profits to Ukraine Relief April 05, 2022 (0 comments)

Vladi Bergman

Las Vegas, NV--Jewelry company Karma and Luck has announced that it will donate profit from the sale of its decorative trees for Ukraine relief, according to a news report.

The Ukrainian business owner, Vladi Bergman, decided to give something back to his country, which is currently undergoing a Russian invasion. Bergman will be donating the entire portion of the tree sales to Doctors Without Organization, a French-based international humanitarian and medical organization working in conflict zones.

“(As a) brand that is all about good karma and giving back, we see here the big responsibility to be involved in that matter and to help all the refugees who are having, right now, a hard time,” he said as per the news report.

The trees sold at Karma and Luck are between five to six inches tall and are sold for $99. Bergam aims to sell all 1,000 of these trees to clear out his entire stock.

Read the complete news report for more.

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