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GN Diamond’s Light Performance Comparison Strategy for Independents Helps Jewelers Compete Against E-Commerce July 14, 2020 (0 comments)


Philadelphia, PA--Major diamond supplier GN Diamond has detailed a strategy for independent retailers to employ in competing head-to-head with Blue Nile while increasing their margins.

According to a communication from GN Diamond, one example many jewelers comment on is their on-going challenge to compare their diamonds in-house to Blue Nile's Astor By Blue Nile™ Ideal cut diamonds.

The company suggests retailers to utilize their "comprehensive, Free Light Performance Technology" that comes with every certified diamond.  The images below show two 1 Carat, SI1 stones GN Diamond suggests comparing with: 

Astor By Blue Nile™ offers Dual Evaluations from two industry experts, according to the company's web site. GIA® grades the Astor By Blue Nile™ diamonds for quality and Blue Nile provides full details on GIA Reports here. In addition, the Blue Nile site states that GemEx® certifies Astor by Blue Nile™ diamonds for brilliance, and provides this in-depth page describing GemEx® and its Light Performance certifications.

The GN Diamond Communication further states: "Conclusion: By using light performance technology, you can increase your profit margins by comparing to the signature branded diamonds on Blue Nile. GN Offers light performance reports, 360 images and Gemprint reports on all of our diamonds at no additional cost." The company provides this example of its Light Performance technology, also depicted below.

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