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Gruno’s Diamonds’ Vdora Collection Can Cure a ‘Case of the Blues’ August 18, 2022 (0 comments)

Gruno's new addition

Rockford, IL--Gruno's Diamonds announced in a Facebook post that it had the cure for the "case of the blues," hinting at the addition of jewelry brand Vdora to its collection. 

[Image source: Gruno's Diamonds/Facebook]

The post said that the brand has "jaw-dropping beautiful jewelry," inviting followers to give it a try for themselves. 

The woman-focused brand says its inspiration comes from a woman's "bold inner strength" and her light shining bright with confidence. 

"Stop in and ask a team member to see the new collection," the post added. 

Gruno's Diamonds is located at 801 N Perryville Rd. The store also has a selection of gemstones, precious metals, styles, and colors to suit varying customer tastes.

Link to the Facebook post.

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