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Hayet Rida’s Transition From E-Commerce Maven to NYFW Star August 29, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--In a surprising career trajectory, Hayet Rida transitioned from a digital jewelry designer to inaugurating her boutique in Bucktown, all the way to marking her name at the illustrious New York Fashion Week, all within a year.

[Image via @hayet.rida/Instagram]

Per a report in the Chicago Sun Times, Rida’s boutique, "KHOI", shatters conventional retail norms. Inspired by art galleries, the store runs on weekends, offering exclusive hand-crafted limited-edition pieces Rida conceives on her iPad.

Facing job loss from Meta, the social media behemoth, Rida’s journey took an unexpected turn. The report noted that her resilient spirit and strategic prowess enabled her to navigate the complexities of setting up a physical store in Chicago, from hiring professionals to understanding zoning regulations.

Her dynamic Instagram journey, witnessed by 130,000 followers, took another leap as the Black in Fashion Council spotlighted her as one of the ten Black trailblazers at NYFW this September.

KHOI offers a unique experience: jewelry pieces curated on mannequins, mirroring museum exhibits, with her Ghanaian heritage influencing the ambiance. The boutique showcases photos captured by a Ghanaian team, adding authenticity to the experience.

Contrary to the e-commerce surge, Hayet's decision amplifies the potential of brick-and-mortar retail, capturing the essence of tangible shopping experiences. She advocates for embracing the challenges, emphasizing trust in the entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more in the Chicago Sun Times report.

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