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Head-On #19: Conquering Zion’s Angel’s Landing Once Again |  June 22, 2017 (1 comment)


Zion National Park, UT--Well, I made it! 

Right after Las Vegas Jewelry Week I made my 5th sojourn to Zion's Angel's Landing in Southern Utah. This is the kind of trek that makes a person really feel alive, in my opinion (see photos and captions below). 

Rested several times heading up. Drank lots of water. Wore a hat, sun screen and neck protection for the bright sun and 96 degree temperatures. 

Climbed with lots of people (there was even a long line to get on the park bus to the "Grotto" stop for Angels Landing), most of them a lot younger than me. Even passed large numbers of hikers who decided not to go the last half mile up to the summit where holding chains and climbing rocks are requirements. 

Rested at the top and feasted on veggie chips and more water. 

Reflected on life while viewing the amazing mountain vista and daunting view of the valley 1,488 feet below.

Definitely some post-hike/climb aches and pains. Well worth the effort. Highly recommended! 

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Comments (1):

If you liked Angels Landing, try the trek from Weeping Rock to Observation Point.  At least 1,000 feet higher than Angels Landing.  From Observation Point, you can look down on Angels Landing and have an awe inspiring view of Zion Canyon!

By Allen Green on Jun 22nd, 2017 at 2:31pm

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