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Here’s How Anvil + Aura Jewelers Give Life To Custom Designs December 28, 2022 (0 comments)


Bee Cave, TX--Anvil + Aura in the Hill Country Galleria is led by two Austin women who have decades of experience in the jewelry business in both designing and creating jewelry.

[Image via Anvil + Aura/Facebook]

The store's co-owner, Andreea Moore, said in a report that she and her friend and now business partner, Tiva Rose, asked if she could use Moore's studio for making jewelry. After spending more time together, the two decided to work on custom jewelry. 

The duo has worked for months on their business, which is focused on producing jewelry from the casting process — a technique involving hot wax and metal for items such as rings and earrings.

“People want to come in and look at our stones, look at what we’re doing and then get inspired by what they see on the tables,” explained Rose in the report about the business' success.

Besides, custom-made jewelry is too much of a sentimental piece to be purchased online.

“People want to feel it, touch it,” she explained. “It’s more personal than a pair of shoes.”

Learn more about the store's custom jewelry-making process in the entire report.

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