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How ‘ConnectRaleigh’ Is Emerging as a New Frontier in Jewelry Store Security March 20, 2024 (0 comments)


Raleigh, N.C.--Raleigh police have started the ConnectRaleigh program, designed to improve public safety by leveraging community-owned surveillance cameras. This initiative allows residents and businesses to register their cameras, aiding law enforcement in quickly gathering video evidence after crimes.

[Photo by JUSTIN BUISSON on Unsplash]

Per a report in Wral News, ConnectRaleigh consists of two levels: registration of surveillance cameras for evidence gathering and direct access for the Raleigh Police Department (RPD) to cameras in emergencies or investigations through FususCORE technology. The program mirrors successful implementations in Rocky Mount and Fayetteville, with over 220 cameras registered and 460 integrated with FususCORE in Raleigh.

Tim Hackim, owner of CMI Jewelry, said in the news report that after a robbery in 2003, his store increased its surveillance, now featuring 18 indoor and eight outdoor cameras. He plans to integrate outdoor cameras with the program, prioritizing customer and staff security while acknowledging the delicate balance between safety and privacy.

Over 220 cameras are registered in Raleigh, with more than 460 integrated into the FususCORE system. Civil rights attorney Irving Joyner acknowledged the the public's growing concern over crime and views ConnectRaleigh as a proactive measure in addressing these concerns despite the potential privacy implications.

"There is an escalating concern about crime, and rise in crime in public spaces and those concerns are such that are going to support this notion," Joyner said in the report, "It's another effort of big brother. It's watching, and watch, and will be watching what is going on around you."

Check out the report in Wral News for more.

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