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How Taking One Year at a Time Helped This Pennsylvania Jeweler Find Success November 17, 2022 (0 comments)

Vandergrift jeweler

Vandergrift, PA--It all started 34 years ago for Bobbie Morda, who'd opened her dream jewelry store with a handful of necklaces and engagement rings.

[Image by Joyce Hanz/Tribune Review]

According to a news report, her store, Bobbie's Jewelers, at a former barbershop at 173 Columbia Ave., is a result of "blood, sweat,, and tears."

It was challenging for Morda, who had to manage the store while raising her daughters and caring for her ill parents. "I've watched many businesses come and go since I first came to this corner," she stated in the report. "I just always closed my door and concentrated on what went on here even though I was told I'll never make it."

The customers have been happy with how things have turned out. "She's wonderful. She always gives a fair price, and her customer service is top-notch," one of them said in the report.

Noting that engagement rings make the most of her earnings, Morda encouraged couples to take their time choosing engagement rings. "Never let anyone create a sense of urgency," Morda stated, per the report. 

Her success came from prioritizing her family. "I never compared myself to anybody," she said in the report. "My family is my biggest support, and I put them up top."

"My goal was to make it one year in business, and I never looked past that," she continued, per the report. "I had a wise man tell me, and he said, 'You start down low and build up — one piece, and person, at a time.' And I took his advice."

Learn more about Morda's story in the entire report.

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