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How This Falls Church Store Became A High-End Jewelry Destination January 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Falls Church, VA--Dominion Jewelers has been open since 1985. The business sells multiple jewelry pieces daily, with many of them in-house. 

The store owners, Mohammad Barimany and Jairo Rojas, have found the ideal cohesion over the years. “They really married their two talents, and it’s still that way today,” says Rachelle Barimany, Mohammad’s daughter and chief operations and financial officer, in a news report.

The location shift in 2013 — from 107 Rowell Ct. to 917 W. Broad St. — wasn't the only significant change in the business plan. The jewelers also decided to try a fresh approach to conducting business. From selling high-end custom manufacturing to local jewelers, they set out to sell to consumers through advertising and marketing campaigns.

The move was impactful. Now the shop has 27 employees; many focused on retail.

“The people have changed, who we serve has changed, but the core values of the company, I think that’s definitely a key to the longevity of this company,” she says in the report. “My father’s and my uncle’s business principles and practices have really been instilled in the second generation of this company. … We’re just a big family."

Some of the store's best-sellers are engagement rings — mostly custom and designed in-house. Dominion Jewelers currently designs about 80 to 100 rings per month.

The report adds that Barimany has noticed trends in what people want, including a growing demand for more yellow gold and less platinum. There's also a rising demand for more colored stones, especially sapphires. Streamlined designs that have a hidden halo are also gaining popularity.

“We’re seeing a lot of stacking simple engagement rings with multiple bands to get a bigger, chunkier look, but each [component is] a little bit simpler and a little more tailored,” she said in the report. “Also kind of a throwback is our two-stone engagement rings. We saw that in the ’80s, late ’70s.” 

Learn more in the entire report.


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