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How to Choose the Right Hashtags for Your Jewelry Brand’s Instagram Posts |  April 03, 2019 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--You may already have mastered the art of taking great photos for your jewelry brand’s Instagram feed, but you’ll also need to know how to use hashtags to get your photos noticed by users who don’t already follow you.

A hashtag is a keyword preceded by the “#” symbol, and it tags your photo to appear in the results for hashtag searches. For example, if you tag your photo with #designerjewelry, your photo will appear in the search results for that hashtag. If an Instagram user wants to see all posts tagged with #designerjewelry, she can not only view them – but she can also sort them by popularity and recency.

Laryssa Wirstiuk

Searching hashtags is a great way for Instagram users to discover new content, and utilizing hashtags in your own posts is an excellent way to get your content noticed. So how can you choose the right hashtags for your posts, and what are the best practices for using them? In this article, we’ll answer both questions for you. Click here to continue reading on

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