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How To Host A Perfect Staff Meeting November 20, 2019 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Ah, staff meetings. The topic is often the butt of jokes in TV commercials, but it certainly inspires a lot of opinions, both pro and con. After all, a popular meme says “I survived another meeting that should have been an email,” not “I got another email that should have been a meeting.” (Image: CafePress)

So, about those meetings that go on year round—and those that feel like they’re going on for a year. Some companies have them daily. Some weekly. Some monthly, or even annually. 

Whatever frequency of meetings works for your business, having a solid, successful meeting is still the goal. Nobody calls a meeting specifically to kill time or, unless you’re in the bakery business, to sample some donuts. The point of a meeting is to actually get something accomplished.

Matt Rissell, CEO of TSHeets by QuickBooks, offers his succinct advice on “Hosting the Perfect Staff Meeting.” One piece of advice is to always have some bit of fun included in the meetings.

For all his tips, watch the full video here or click on the image below. (And of course, skip the one that says ‘Don’t wear a suit’ to a staff meeting if wearing a suit is your store’s dress code.)

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