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Huw Daniel to Retire From PGI, Tim Schlick Named New CEO February 06, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Platinum Guild International’s longtime chief executive, Huw Daniel, will retire at the end of March, after 21 years with the platinum marketing organization. He will be replaced by Tim Schlick, the organization’s current chief operating officer. His appointment will become effective on April 4.

Daniel started his tenure at PGI in 2003 as president of PGI USA. He rose to the position of CEO in 2015. He said leading PGI “allowed me to leverage all the great people at PGI to build a high performing global team focused on driving innovation and value creation for the jewelry industry with platinum.”

[Huw Daniel]

Originally from Wales, Daniel spent a large portion of his career in advertising, working in both Europe and Asia, for notable clients such as British Airways and Proctor & Gamble, prior to joining PGI. His first introduction to the jewelry industry was his tenure with DeBeers in the Asia Pacific region, where he worked on campaigns for eleven global markets.

When asked how PGI’s role within the industry has changed during his time at the helm, he noted “Our organization has evolved from a marketing/PR/event machine to a business partner with the jewelry industry. Platinum will always be a small part of the industry due to its natural rarity, but it can be a very important driver of differentiation and profitability. PGI's focus today is to enable our partners to get the maximum incremental return from this superb material.”  

[Tim Schlick]

Daniel’s replacement, Schlick, has worked at PGI since 2015, when he joined as chief strategy officer. PGI in a statement said, “the transition is expected to be seamless.”

Schlick, in the statement, said he plans on building on the strong foundation established by Daniel.

“To me, the next logical step is to apply what we have built over the years to unlock more opportunities for the trade, and by doing so, create incremental value for both our partners and sponsors, scaling the value we create,” Schlick said.

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