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IFE Lux Group Has Exclusive Representation for Antonio Papini Gioielli and Oromalia in Select Areas June 12, 2021 (0 comments)


Miami, FL--IFE Lux Group announces exclusive representation of Antonio Papini Gioielli and Oromalia in selected US states, Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda and Central America. Image Credit: IFE Lux Group.

IFE Lux Group is proud to announce the exclusive representation of these brands made in Tuscany and in selected States of the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda and Central America.

ANTONIO PAPINI GIOIELLI (image below) is elegant and smooth designs in shiny and hand-engraved 18kt gold. The beauty of each jewel goes beyond the excellency of craftmanship. The solid look of yellow, white or pink 18kt gold enhanced by diamonds and natural stones blends harmoniously with alternative materials such as ebony. 


Passion and tradition, professional knowledge and creative designs are the strength and selling points of all the jewelry designed by Antonio Papini Gioielli, shaped at every stage of their production by highly specialized Italian artisans. The company was founded in 1974 and is still as of today a family-owned creative and manufacturing business with headquarters and factory in Empoli, close to Florence, Italy.

OROMALIA (image below) was incorporated by Antonio Papini Gioielli and it is 18kt gold jewelry of elegant and refined taste yet not pretentious, which combines classic style with contemporary design. The designer Salvatore Barberi creates every single precious jewel by hand and each collection is dedicated to women with confident and strong personalities that can wear them with ease in any situation, from the casual to the most sophisticated event.

IFE Lux Group is a United States-based leading consulting and distribution resource for Luxury & Lifestyle brands representing the Excellency of the "Made in Italy" and its culture of Beauty.

The personalized support that we offer our designers, combined with our long-term relationships with prestigious retailers throughout the United States, Bermuda, Canada and the Caribbean, is what makes IFE Lux Group the best resource for establishing a strong and successful presence for your brand in the Americas. 

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