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Industry News: D.E.F.‘s Film Premiere, WJA-Carelle Scholarship Open; Two Killed In Robberies, More January 25, 2017 (0 comments)


D.E.F. Hosts Exclusive Premiere Of ‘A United Kingdom,’ Chronicling Botswana Diamond History

New York, NY—The hip Roxy Hotel Cinema in New York City was the setting for The Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F.)’s exclusive first U.S. showing of A United Kingdom (left), starring David Oyelewo and Rosamund Pike. The movie chronicles the early years of Botswana’s rise from poverty to become what is now the second largest producer of diamonds in the world. The movie will be released to the general public on February 10.

Honored guests at the event included H.E. David John Newman, Ambassador of the Republic of Boswana to the United States, H.E. Charles T. Ntwaagae, Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Botswana and Dr. Edgar Sisa, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Botswana to the United Nations.

D.E.F board member Marcus ter Harr, grandson of the films’ protagonists Prince Seretse Khama (played by David Oyelowo) and Ruth Williams (played by Rosamund Pike) gave a poignant introduction to the film, recounting the emotional connection he has with the film’s characters and drawing an arc of the prosperity Botswana has seen in the 50 years since the movie’s end.

“Through the ethical leadership and wise management of Botswana’s diamond resources by Seretse Khama and the country’s successive presidents, our nation has thrived politically and economically as the oldest democracy in Africa, providing its citizens with broad based access to education, healthcare and world class infrastructure,” he said.

Anna Martin, newly elected president of the Diamond Empowerment Fund, urges all members of the diamond industry to see this film. “Botswana is a perfect example to share with colleagues and customers alike how much Diamonds Do Good. This positive message needs to be the cornerstone of industry communications to the public so that a more balanced narrative surrounding diamonds can prevail.”

To read more stories about the good diamonds do, visit

Separately, D.E.F. was just awarded a grant of $100,000 from the JCK Industry Fund to help continue its mission to promote to consumers all the good that diamonds do around the world.

Left to right: D.E.F. board members Marcus ter Harr, Anna Martin and Phyllis Bergman with Botswana Ambassador Newman Changu Newman.


Applications Open For 2017 Carelle-WJA Member Grant Honoring Brooke Tivol McGrath.

New York, NY--The Carelle-WJA Member Grant in honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath is now accepting applications. The grant helps Womens Jewelry Association members in their first five (5) years of business get off the ground and create growth. The recipient will be awarded a $5000 merit-based grant to aid in the establishment of their business.

The grant was named in honor of Brooke Tivol McGrath, of the renowned Kansas City, MO-based retail jewelry family. McGrath died suddenly in 2011 at age 28 of a rare blood infection.

Instead of joining her family business immediately, she chose to forge her own path in the industry, and in 2007, accepted the opportunity to move to New York City and work at Carelle under the guidance of co-founder and designer Chana Regev. McGrath proved to be an invaluable asset to the company, ultimately serving as a driving force behind the successful launch of the Carelle brand where, from marketing to design, she played an integral role in developing Carelle's brand identity. She also was a committed member of WJA and, to honor her, Carelle partnered with WJA to offer a business grant for WJA members.

Pendant from Carelle's 'Brooke Leaf' collection created in memory of Brooke Tivol McGrath.

Eligible candidates must be current members of the WJA and in their first five (5) years of business. Applicants are required to submit an essay explaining why she deserves this award. Emphasis is placed on personal dedication and determination, as well as a positive attitude toward the industry. Images are encouraged but not required. Applications must be received by March 3, 2017.  Click here to apply today. For information, please contact Lisa Kim, or Bernadette Mack,


A Tragic Weekend As Two Are Killed In Jewelry Store Robberies

Henderson, NV and San Antonio, TX—Two separate jewelry store robberies last weekend left death in their wake. A suspect in Henderson, NV, entered a Jared The Galleria of Jewelry store and pointed a gun at a store employee. According to this report in National Jeweler, the store’s security guard fired at the suspect but accidentally hit and killed the employee instead. She has been identified as Kim Hill, 57. The guard will not face charges.

In San Antonio, TX, two suspects robbed the Kay Jewelers store in Rolling Oaks mall, then fled on foot. Two citizens tried to intervene, and one—identified as 42-year-old Jon Murphy, who was there with his wife to get their wedding rings cleaned—was killed. The other, who has a concealed carry permit, shot and critically injured the suspect that killed Murphy. The second suspect, meanwhile, fled on foot, firing shots through the mall as he ran, hitting and injuring several other bystanders, though none critically. He was arrested and charged with capital murder and two counts of aggravated robbery. The injured suspect was hospitalized in critical condition at press time and was charged by proxy.

Signet Jewelers, parent company of both Kay and Jared stores, is cooperating closely with law enforcement, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to support the Murphy family.


Couture Show Seeks Nominations For 2017 Cindy Edelstein Award

New York, NY—The COUTURE show is asking for nominations for the 2017 Cindy Edelstein Award. The award honors the life and spirit of show consultant Cindy Edelstein, below, who died of heart failure on January 23, 2016.

“While Cindy is no longer with us, our desire is that her contagious energy will live on through this award, and that we continue to remember the fearless industry leader and passionate designer advocate that she was,” says COUTURE show director Gannon Brousseau. 

The inaugural award was posthumously given to Cindy, and accepted by her daughter Remy at the 2016 COUTURE Design Awards. The show is calling for nominations for the winner of the 2017 award. Nominees should embody the following qualities:

Click here to nominate a person for the 2017 award.

De Beers Auction Sales To Launch Fixed-Price Forward Contracts

London, UK—The De Beers Group of Companies announces that its Auction Sales business

will begin piloting fixed-price forward contracts. These contracts will offer the opportunity for Auction Sales customers to guarantee access to future supply with certainty over the price to be paid when the contract reaches maturity. The first such event will take place February 16 and cover the grainers, smalls and near gem categories of rough diamonds. 

The pilot was developed in response to customer feedback on Auction Sales’ previous forward contract sales, which offered the guarantee of future supply but with a ‘floating’ price based on the spot price when the forward contract matured. Fixed-price forward contracts are expected to provide a highly effective supply sourcing option for small and medium sized enterprises seeking access to regular rough diamond supply at a predictable price.

Since launching forward contract sales on a floating-price basis in December 2013, Auction Sales has sold more than 350 bespoke supply contracts in total over the period. The pilot for fixed-price contracts follows other Auction Sales pilots, including those enabling third parties to use its auction platform for rough and polished diamond sales. For more information, including how to register as a customer, visit


Blue Nile Enters Diamond Buy-Back Business

Seattle, WA—Blue Nile’s disruption just keeps growing: the online diamond site just announced plans to start buying diamonds off the street. According to this article in JCK, the e-tailer claims its price formula—based on an algorithm that uses its own retail prices as a benchmark—is the best offer going for consumers.

Blue Nile will buy diamonds 30 points or larger, offering sellers a minimum price typically between 60% to 65% of the lowest benchmarked price on Blue Nile for that kind of stone. If the seller accepts, they receive a shipping kit to send in their diamond. Once the stone is received and evaluated, the consumer is paid within one business day—and to date, all final prices have exceeded the minimum initially quoted, says the article.

Read more here


New Private Magazine To Target Ultra-High Net Worth Travelers

Lausanne, Switzerland—TRAVELLER MADE, the international network of 260+ luxury travel design agencies catering to ultra-high net worth consumers in 55 countries, is launching a dedicated magazine titled SERENDIPIA by Traveller Made.

Designed as a novel book, SERENDIPIA will narrate the second-to-none bespoke experiences Traveller Made member agencies are creating for their ultra-wealthy clients. Printed in limited numbered editions, it will be distributed only by member agencies directly to their best customers.

“Since our inception in September 2013, we have initiated a new pattern of connections between like-minded travel industry players—travel designers, hotels, DMCs, jets, yachts, etc. – to endlessly enhance the quality of service that is commonly expected by our ultra-wealthy clientele. Beyond travel and accommodation, what usually makes their journeys memorable often relies on emotions and peer-to-peer encounters. We wanted to translate these magical moments into inspirational stories. A dedicated magazine appeared as a necessity for that purpose”, says Quentin Desurmont, Traveller Made president and founder.

The magazine and website will be published under license by Sirius Business Publishing with the first issue expected in the first half of this year.

“When it comes to travel, there is clearly a difference between luxury and meta-luxury. We believe SERENDIPIA provides ultra-wealthy customers with outstanding and original content. Leveraging digital innovations, we will also bring a subtle mix of interactivity between text, images, and films, to turn this reading into a real experience as well,” says Pierre-Yves Poulain, editor-in-chief and president of Sirius Publishing.

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