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Industry News: Doug Gollan Launches Online Luxury Forum; MJSA Learning Webinars Available; More November 19, 2014 (0 comments)


Luxury Expert Doug Gollan Launches Online Forum

New York, NY—Doug Gollan, publisher of the Elite Traveler magazine group and a well-known expert in marketing and selling to luxury consumers, has launched a LinkedIn group dedicated to those involved in making, selling, servicing, or marketing products and services to the super-rich.

The group is designed to be a forum for those who deal with High-High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth consumers (i.e., net worth above $10 million). Members are invited to post relevant articles, ask questions, and share experiences.

“Various research shows UHNW/HHNW families control over $50 trillion in wealth. The purpose of the group is to give those of us who have an interest in the segment a place where there can be a focused discussion,” says Gollan. The group is called “Selling To The Super Rich.”


MJSA Launches Online Learning Webinars

Attleboro, MA—MJSA has launched its Online Learning webinars for jewelry makers and designers. Sponsored by the MJSA Education Foundation with a grant from the JCK Industry Fund, the first webinars aired in October and November, and were presented by small business industry consultant Andrea Hill, owner/CEO of Wisconsin-based Hill Management Group and StrategyWerx.

In “Better Subcontracting for Jewelry Makers and Designers” on Oct. 17, Hill explained how to develop successful relationships with subcontractors; the experts who perform the CAD/CAM, casting, setting, finishing, and other processes needed to bring jewelry designs to life. The webinar taught attendees how to evaluate contractors and their capabilities, communicate expectations and understand theirs, establish a successful working relationship, and manage outcomes. The webinar also helped non-bench-trained designers understand how to do a better job in speaking the very specific language of jewelry making.

In “Getting Lean for the Small Jewelry Maker or Designer” on Nov. 7, Hill explained how to run a small jewelry business as efficiently as possible using the lean management 5S concept, which means Sort (remove/reduce), Straighten (streamline/organize), Shine (clean/inspect), Standardize (create a standard of consistent behavior), and Sustain (commit to repeatable behaviors). Using examples from jewelry companies, Hill demonstrated these concepts in action and the difference such efficiencies made in the bottom line of those businesses.

MJSA Online Learning Webinars are $15 for MJSA members, and $25 for nonmembers. After live airings, videos of the sessions are available for $10 (MJSA members) and $15 (nonmembers). To learn more or to purchase videos of the first two webinars, click here.  


Israel-New York Diamond Week Declared Success

New York, NY—Participants of Israel Diamond Week at the Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) in New York City agreed the third edition of the event was a success.  

DDC managing director David Lasher estimates about 700 buyers attended from across the United States, a significant jump over last year’s attendance. This yea’rs event featured more than 100 Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) members and 70 DDC members.

The next International Diamond Week will take place February 8-12, 2015, on the IDE trading floor in Ramat Gan, Israel. In addition to the DDC membership, members of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse will also participate.

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