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Industry News: GIA To Include Branded Cut Names On Reports June 05, 2018 (0 comments)


Carlsbad, CA—GIA (Gemological Institute of America) laboratory now will include specific branded diamond cut names (left, a Crisscut by Christopher Designs) on its grading reports. GIA grading reports for diamonds submitted as part of this program will include the branded name of the proprietary diamond cut with the diamond shape and cutting style description. This enhancement to GIA’s diamond grading report services is offered at no additional charge.

Clients wishing to participate in this program will be required to provide supporting documentation, including diamond facet arrangement. Only clients who have completed the documentation will be able to submit diamonds as part of this program. For more information or to apply for this program, clients should contact their client services representative.

The Proprietary Cut Program includes branded cut names on GIA grading reports for diamonds. Here, the sample proprietary cut name is listed above the shape and cutting style description. (‘CENTAURI CUT’ is not an actual proprietary cut; it is included only as an illustration.)

Separately, GIA announced its Advanced Synthetic Diamond Seminar will be presented in Mumbai, London, and Carlsbad, CA. Session dates coincide with industry events in each city and will be held in August in Mumbai and London and in October at its world headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of advanced diamond identification techniques and to have hands-on experience with current production synthetic diamonds and the latest detection technology. While there are no pre-requisites, previous gemological training or experience is recommended. 

Taught by GIA research scientists and experienced classroom instructors, the seminars will combine lectures with practical lab instruction, including the latest GIA instrumentation for differentiating natural diamonds from CVD and HPHT synthetic diamonds and diamond simulants. Instruments include the GIA iD100™, GIA DiamondCheck™ and GIA UV Lamp with Viewing Cabinet. Each GIA research scientist presenting the seminar will have expert knowledge of synthetic diamond as a material, its identification and gemological characteristics, along with the processes used by GIA’s laboratories to separate synthetic from natural diamonds. To provide the most effective instruction, registrations are limited to 20 or fewer, depending on location.

Those interested in the seminars should contact the respective GIA location:

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