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Servicing a Rolex Watch With Aucoin Hart July 22, 2022 (0 comments)

Inside a Rolex

Los Angeles, CA--There's much that goes into servicing a Rolex. The intricacy of its parts calls for fine craftsmanship, an understanding of watch mechanics, and an eye for detail.

[Main image source: Aucoin Hart/Facebook]

Aucoin Hart, an official retailer and service center for Rolex watches, highlighted some details that go into the process of Rolex servicing.

"Our watchmakers are trained according to strict criteria to ensure that every type of servicing operation for a Rolex watch meets the brand’s exacting standards of excellence," the store wrote in a Facebook post. 

The post added how a Rolex watch is "completely dismantled and ultrasonically cleaned" in the process. 

[Image source: Aucoin Hart/Facebook]

Any part that does not match Rolex's specifications is replaced. The movement is lubricated as well, before being electronically tested to ensure that the timing accuracy is apt.

With the inner mechanisms working well, the case and metal bracelet are refinished to restore the watch's luster.

Towards the end of the servicing process, the watch undergoes a series of "rigorous technical tests and checks" to ensure it's waterproof and precise.

With that done, the watch is then covered by a service guarantee.

And that is how a Rolex watch is serviced.

Read the original Facebook post.

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