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Instappraise Joins the Canadian Jewellery Association’s Member Benefits Program February 29, 2024 (0 comments)


Calgary, Alberta--Jewelry appraisal software company, Instappraise, has joined the Canadian Jewellery Association (CJA) and will be the latest addition to the list of service providers within the CJA Membership Benefits program.

Instappraise offers cloud-based software with the tools required by jewelry appraisers to produce professional, court-ready appraisal documents. The company says it also supports the jewelry industry by making its technology more accessible to those in the industry.

As a participant in the CJA Member Benefits program, Instappraise offers a 20% discount to all CJA Members on the first 12 months of their subscription, followed by a 10% discount on all subsequent years for as long they remain active CJA members.

In addition, CJA members who are part of the newly revamped CAJA (CJA) designation will benefit from a free year on the platform.

“In 2023, the CJA launched an updated Canadian Accredited Jewellery Appraiser (CAJA) program,” said Alanna Campbell, CJA membership coordinator. “Just like our CAJAs, Instappraise understands the importance of providing detailed and accurate jewelry appraisal reports. Instappraise’s cloud-based software allows appraisers to do just that in a user-friendly and customizable environment.”

“Being a Canada-based company, joining the CJA is something we had on our roadmap since our inception, said Raphael Boivin, Founder and CEO of Instappraise. Now that our platform is more refined and mature, we believe the timing is right for us to join.”

He continued, “Joining the CJA Member Benefits program is more than just about supporting the Canadian jewelry industry. It’s about supporting Canadian entrepreneurship and encouraging the current and next generations of jewelers and appraisers by making the right tools and technologies more accessible to them and their business.”

Along with the CJA, Instappraise has teamed up with several educational organizations including George Brown College and the International School of Gemology (ISG), as well as the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA).

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