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Interview: Saul Fraiman, Jewelry Designer, Grandview Klein Diamond Group June 01, 2022 (0 comments)

Saul Fraiman

London, United Kingdom--Master jewelry designer Saul Fraiman's career began 50 years ago as an apprentice for a jewelry manufacturer. Later, he started supplying stones to jewelry manufacturers and designers. It's been quite a journey since for Fraiman, who's now a popular jewelry designer for Grandview Klein Diamond Group.

[Image source: Saul Fraiman/Facebook]

In an interview with Centurion, Fraiman opened up on his journey as a leading jewelry designer and what it's like to work with some of the top diamond manufacturers in the world.

Centurion: When did you first start designing jewelry? Or, have you always been on that side of the business?  

Fraiman: I started designing about 35 years ago after spending many years supplying diamonds to designers and high-end diamond jewelry manufacturers. 

Centurion: What has it been like to work and design for one of the most well-respected diamond manufacturers?

Fraiman:To work at Grandview Klein has been an amazing experience. Having access to an extensive inventory of diamonds is like being a kid in a candy store. I get to play with the world’s most rare and expensive diamonds. Beyond that, it’s been incredible to have the ability to work with both customers and world-renowned designers and seeing a piece of jewelry come together from start to finish which could become a family heirloom for generations to come, that the feeling is hard to describe.  

Centurion: JCK Vegas is coming up. What do you think the featured trends will be at the show this year?

Fraiman: Since COVID people feel a sense of new importance of family and spending time together. Now that they have shed their sweatpants and slippers, people are starting to dress up again, and we are seeing them go back to basics with Riviera necklaces, straight line bracelets, and diamond studs in particular have had a huge comeback. To be more design specific, ovals, rectangular emeralds and radiant cuts are something you can’t keep in stock. Another strong fashion that is quickly picking up is the yellow diamonds, yellow necklaces, yellow rings, yellow eternity bands, etc. Everything in yellow is quickly becoming the next big trend. Besides the design aspect of working with yellow diamond jewelry, I really believe there is great value in yellow jewelry, which was stagnant for a while and just started roaring back. Those consumers with a keen eye for upcoming trends are taking advantage and capitalizing on the current low price of yellow colored jewelry. Another comeback that we’re seeing on social media with celebrities, influencers and the younger generation in general is “Toi et Moi” jewelry, meaning “you
and me,” is one of the most historic ring setting styles that symbolizes love stories and partnerships. It’s a fun piece to stack, wear as a cocktail ring, and women are self- purchasing these rings because they like the style and it’s a way fun way to express their own unique style. 

Centurion: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Fraiman: Because we work with a lot of designers and brands, we get to see styles and trends before most people. This gives us a head start and allows us the opportunity to point our clients in the right direction.  

Grandview Klein Diamond Group will be at the JCK LUXURY show in Las Vegas from June 8-13.

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