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Watch Blogger Interview: Talking Resilience With Ariel Adams |  July 10, 2020 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--The Centurion and Europa Star cotinue their editorial alliance with this interview by Serge Maillard of Watch Blogger Ariel Adams.

America has been the country to suffer the biggest blow from the pandemic. Before it struck, the country was on the way to reclaim its spot as the number one market for the Swiss watch industry. We asked the Los Angeles-based founder of ABlogToWatch, Ariel Adams, how he thought the Covid-19 crisis would impact the watch world, and what the future landscape of timekeeping may look like.

Europa Star: Are you able to make some observations about how the current coronavirus crisis will affect the global watch industry? How might it change the face of the global watch industry, as we’ve known it until now?

Ariel Adams: In an odd way, I don’t think the Covid-19 crisis has added too many new problems to the luxury timepiece industry. Rather, it has created a forced amplification (as I call it) of existing issues. The global retail shut-down and focus on wristwatches as quasi-financial investments has accelerated structural fragility in the Swiss watch industry, such as having no functioning marketing arm beyond Rolex (for the most part), mistreating new norms of global sales and distribution, and having a mostly fractious relationship with the internet.

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