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It’s All About The Experience at Exclusively Diamonds—AGS Jewelers Speak Series August 29, 2023 (0 comments)


Mankato, MN--The Centurion in collaboration with The American Gem Society (AGS) continues our new editorial series featuring informative, Q&A style interviews with AGS retailers. Entitled "AGS Jewelers Speak," this second article in the series presents a look at what's new and exciting at retailer EXCLUSIVELY DIAMONDS, as detailed by marketing director Madi Klein.

The Centurion: Please tell us about the latest change(s) to your store and its/their success.

Madi Klein: Recently, we made a significant change to our store by relocating to a larger and more luxurious space. The move to a 7,300 square foot bank building has allowed us to create a better hospitality experience when purchasing engagement rings and other fine jewelry. The new location provides us with ample space to showcase our exquisite collection and provide personalized experiences. Since moving, we have noticed a substantial increase in foot traffic and a rise in customer satisfaction, with many expressing gratitude for the enhanced,shopping environment. 

The Rolex Boutique at Exclusively Diamonds

We also added to our staff a Client Experience Director whose primary role is to touch every sale and add value to every client’s visit.  Other responsibilities for this employee are to guarantee the store sparkles, every case is clean, displays are beautifully presented and handle customer questions or concerns.  We know that success is a byproduct of treating people well, so every employee lives and breathes our mission statement, “To provide a memorable, rewarding and legendary experience for every guest.”

TC: Please tell us about a recent successful Promotion or Campaign:

MK: The "Diamonds in the Sky" event held at Sky One Eleven was a resounding success and a testament to the unique experiences we offer at Exclusively Diamonds. With 150 of our top clients in attendance, the evening was nothing short of grand, filled with extraordinary moments and luxurious indulgence. From the moment guests stepped off the elevator, they were transported into a world of opulence and delight. The carefully curated fashion show, featuring models and dancers moving down the runway to high-energy music, showcased the exquisite designer jewelry we proudly represent. Rihanna's iconic song, "Shine Bright Like a Diamond," set the perfect tone for the evening, encouraging our guests to embody positivity, light, and love.

The atmosphere of celebration and cheer was contagious, with guests cheering and clapping for every model and dancer, celebrating beauty and the magnificence of the showcased jewelry pieces. But the significance of "Diamonds in the Sky" went beyond the glitz and glamour. In partnership with a nonprofit organization, all ticket sales were directed to the Backpack Food Program, a cause close to our hearts, helping combat children's hunger in our community.

The impact of the event extended to our sales, making it a historic night for Exclusively Diamonds. Guests were not only treated to an unforgettable evening but also given the exclusive opportunity to shop their favorite designers on the spot and make appointments for the following day in-store. The fusion of luxury, celebration, and philanthropy made "Diamonds in the Sky" an unparalleled experience, leaving a lasting impression on our valued clients.

This event exemplifies the essence of Exclusively Diamonds – not just a jewelry retailer but a place where our team's energy and dedication combine with the sparkle of our jewelry to create cherished moments of joy and love for our clients. We take pride in being more than just a store; we are the architects of unforgettable experiences and the catalysts for positive change in our community. "Diamonds in the Sky" was a true testament to our commitment to making a difference and offering a shopping experience like no other.

Customer seating area in 7,300 squate foot Exclusively Diamonds, Mankato, MN

TC: Please tell us how you differentiate your company from competitors:

MK: At Exclusively Diamonds, we stand out from other retailers because of the unparalleled energy and spirit of celebration that permeates every client interaction. Unlike traditional stores, our unique approach creates an in-store experience that exudes luxury, joy, and light, making the process of shopping for jewelry and timepieces an unforgettable and uplifting journey. Our team's genuine passion for helping clients find the perfect pieces, coupled with our warm and welcoming ambiance, sets us apart, ensuring that each visit is filled with excitement and happiness, leaving our valued clients with rewarding memories and extraordinary treasures to cherish for a lifetime.

TC: Please tell us your most important focus right now and why?

MK: At Exclusively Diamonds, our unwavering commitment is to create an experience that is nothing short of memorable, rewarding, and legendary for every client who walks through our doors. To achieve this, we place significant emphasis on continuous training and development for our team members. We understand that the key to exceeding expectations lies in the warmth of our interactions, the depth of our knowledge, and the sincerity of our passion for what we do. Through comprehensive training sessions, we instill in our team the importance of personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring that every client feels not only welcomed but truly valued. We equip them with the tools to engage in meaningful conversations, understand individual preferences, and guide clients on their journey to finding the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects their unique style and sentiment. By nurturing a culture of excellence and genuine care, we strive to make every client's experience at Exclusively Diamonds the highlight of their day, an encounter that leaves an indelible mark and transforms a mere visit into an extraordinary and unforgettable memory, one that they will cherish for a lifetime.

TC: Please tell us about the value to Exclusively Diamonds of being an AGS Member?

MK: Being a distinguished member of the American Gem Society (AGS) is an invaluable asset to Exclusively Diamonds, elevating our store to new heights of excellence. With both Sarah and Maria holding significant leadership roles on the AGS International Board of Directors, Sarah as the education chair and Maria as the chair of the Young Titleholders, we are immersed in a community of industry leaders who share our passion for upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practices. The AGS membership connects us with like-minded retailers and vendors of exceptional caliber, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth. The access to educational resources, industry insights, and networking opportunities empowers our team to stay at the forefront of industry trends, cutting-edge technology, and best practices. Through this collaborative platform, we gain invaluable knowledge that enriches our expertise and enables us to provide unparalleled service and guidance to our valued clients. The AGS membership serves as a beacon of distinction, setting us apart as a store that embodies the epitome of excellence, trustworthiness, and integrity in the world of fine jewelry.

ABOUT AGS: The American Gem Society (AGS), founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection within the jewelry industry. AGS awards credentials for its members, who are held to the industry's highest standards and must pass annual recertification examinations to maintain their titles. Members of the AGS are passionate about jewelry and dedicated to creating a positive buying experience for their customers. Visit to learn more or contact

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