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J.R. Dunn Gives Bracelets To Thank Doctors and Nurses on Front Lines of COVID-19 April 01, 2020 (0 comments)


Lighthouse Point, FL—To express appreciation for all the health care workers on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, J.R.Dunn Jewelers launched a giveaway of 200 freshwater pearl bracelets (left). 

The giveaway was launched on social media the evening of Friday, March 27, asking users on Facebook and Instagram to tag people they know who are nurses and doctors fighting through this pandemic. Every healthcare worker tagged will be given a white or black freshwater cultured pearl “Hope Bracelet” by Honora, absolutely free, as a reminder that their communities stand behind them in support. 

Over just three days, the entire supply of 200 Hope Bracelets were allocated to health care workers, both in South Florida where JR Dunn is located but also in many other areas across the country, from New York City to California. 

“The idea was inspired by a local ICU nurse, Mary McNerney, at Broward Health,” says Sean Dunn, vice president of J.R. Dunn Jewelers. McNerney wrote a Facebook post (text below) about how the shortage of N95 masks was affecting those on the front line. 

“The doctors and nurses are putting their patients' needs first and it really hit home the sacrifices they are making for all of us. Even though we didn’t have masks to give, we wanted to do something to lift spirits and let them know they are appreciated,” said Dunn.

In the gift box along with the bracelet is a handwritten thank you note from Ann Marie Dunn, co-owner of J.R. Dunn Jewelers, thanking them for protecting our friends, families, and communities. 

Throughout the giveaway, several stories and photos were shared of what they were going through in emergency rooms, ICU’s, clinics, and doctor offices across the country. 

The J.R. Dunn Team hopes that everyone continues to show their support and thanks for our healthcare workers on the frontline and their families as we go through this together. Whether you can contribute supplies and protective equipment or show your support in a different way, every little bit counts. 

For additional information, contact Sean Dunn at

Text of McNerney’s post:

“I am an ICU nurse at Broward Health Medical Center. 

As I am writing to you, tears are filling my eyes because I am frustrated, disappointed, but mostly, scared. And if you know any ICU nurses, we don't scare easily. I am writing to you because we desperately need your help. 

In the wake of the mask shortage, Broward Health has had to limit our use of the N95 respirator masks we use to care for COVID-19 patients. Recently, we are ONLY allowed to use this mask if we are doing a procedure where droplet particles could be dispersed. May I remind you, these particles can be dispersed while we're NOT doing a procedure like when a patient coughs or sneezes. We are told to use a "simple mask", like what you can purchase at the drugstore. This does not seal around a healthcare provider's face as the N95s do and by no means provides protection against these airborne particles! 

As the frontline of this pandemic, we are doing our absolute best in caring for our Broward community. The reality is nurses, doctors, and paramedics are starting to get sick and no longer able to care for our patients. I am writing to ask if you or your company has ANY N95 masks or similar respirators if you could please donate them to Broward Health. We would be eternally grateful. 

This is not just about protecting us. It's about NOT spreading the virus to our spouses, kids, and parents. This is about protecting our community. 

Thank you to all those who can help. #PleaseShare #Covid #MaskCrisis #ICURN” 

-Mary McNerney, ICU Nurse at Broward Health Medical Center 

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