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Jacobs Jewelers to Close Its Landmark Store in Downtown Jacksonville February 14, 2023 (0 comments)


Jacksonville, FL--After almost four decades of serving the Downtown Jacksonville community, Roy and Delorise Thomas, the owners of Jacobs Jewelers, are finally retiring — a decision to "grow old together" after being in business since 1986.

[Image via Downtown Jacksonville]

Delorise expressed gratitude for the community's unwavering support throughout their service years, stating in a news report, "If you serve customers well, they will serve you, and they have served us well."

She added that the response from the community during the business's final weeks has been great, albeit she'd miss the customers who have depended on their service for years.

The report highlights that Jacobs Jewelers has seen generations of customers come through its doors, with many young people growing up and purchasing gifts for their loved ones. Delorise expressed her love for being on the corner of the city's center, allowing them to be a part of many family milestones.

The store first opened on Bay Street in the late 19th century but was relocated after the Great Fire of 1901. It was rebuilt on Bay St. before moving to its current location in a 12-story building in 1927. The store later became known by its present name in the 1930s.

The store's last day of operation will be on February 28. Delorise isn't sure about what will happen to the location next or what business might move into the 4,315-square-foot space. In the meantime, the store is offering a 70-80% discount on all merchandise, including display cases, chairs, and desks.

Learn more in the report.

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