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Jeweler Hopes Gold Dust Will Help Fund A Remodel June 21, 2021 (0 comments)


Green Valley, AZ—While prospectors proclaimed “there’s gold in them thar hills,” at Green Valley Jewelers in Arizona, owner Connie Lamberto, who has owned the shop for 30 years, is looking down for her gold. 

Specifically, at the store’s old carpet, which she says is full of gold dust, and she plans to retrieve it.

She told the Green Valley News that staff and customers in the custom and estate jewelry store have tracked minute traces of gold dust from the store’s workshop to showroom and that much of it has been ground deep into the carpet. That’s why, as she gears up to remodel her store, her staff has filled garbage bags with dust and debris to be sent for refining, and why the carpet also is going to be shipped off to a refiner who has “an environmentally-friendly process of burning away the carpet and leaving only gold,” she told the paper.

Lamberto got the idea from a former boss in Denver who retrieved 60 ounces of gold from a large carpet in his facility. She doesn’t anticipate retrieving that much, but at $1,800 an ounce, even 10 ounces of gold would contribute $18,000 to help cover her remodeling costs. 

The staff, meanwhile, is working in a temporary location a few doors down from the regular store.

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