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Fashion Tastemaker Jeweler Levison Profiled July 06, 2021 (0 comments)


East Hampton, NY—Lauren Kulchinsky Levison is one of those women whose fashion sense inspires envy. While lots of women have closets full of beautiful designer clothes, few can push established sartorial boundaries without looking like they just got dressed in the dark. Kulchinsky, however, has an uncanny ability to mix up wildly disparate items in a way that is creative, not haphazard, and makes fashionistas want to follow her lead. Image:

Recently, the “Style Diaries” section of the website caught up with Levison, profiling her unique style and helping a good cause at the same time. Readers have a chance to shop her featured pieces (literally!) directly from the website through Dora Maar, Levison’s favorite luxury consignment site, with 100% of proceeds going to the Present/Levison Advanced Fellowship in Inflammatory Bowel Disease at Mount Sinai Hospital. 

Levison, of course, is the curator of Mayfair Rocks, the East Hampton jewelry store that’s a trendsetter and tastemaker itself. Whatever Levison is wearing, clothing-wise, you can be certain that a major part of her signature look is the jewelry she chooses to go with it. 

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 Levison likes feminine, frothy dresses and skirts, which she says she always grounds with something heavier—the shoe, bag, or jewelry (jewelry designer Kristen Farrell, who also happens to be Kulchinsky’s sister, is of course a favorite choice of hers.)

One of Kulchinsky’s quotes from the article (corresponding image, top of page):

"I love this gown from Brock Collection that I wore this weekend to my friend's wedding out in the Hamptons. I was super comfortable and felt super ethereal, which always makes me feel confident. I topped it off with one of the many Jennifer Behr headpieces that I have collected through the years. The flowers in the headband complemented the flowers on my gown and picked up the emeralds in my earrings (from Kristen Farrell Jewelry). The wedding was outside, so I actually wore my Celine flat boots—no sinking into the hay grounds for me! The Mark Cross Grace Mini Leather Box Bag had just enough space for my Purell, alcohol wipes, mask (just in case), lipstick, and compact. I wore it cross-bodied so it didn't get in my way, and I hung it off of my chair through the night, which was a plus!"

Lauren Kulchinsky Levison's Instagram feed shows her, right, in conversation (about fashion, of course!) at Dora Maar.

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