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Jewelers Mutual Reveals New Insights from Travel Study March 12, 2024 (0 comments)


NEENAH, WI--Jewelers Mutual Group revealed the results of its latest study, shedding light on the habits and challenges people face when it comes to safeguarding their products while traveling.

The connection between consumers and their jewelry remains strong, as nearly all survey respondents admitted to bringing their treasured pieces with them while traveling. This highlights the importance of implementing effective safety measures to protect these valuables. The takeaways from the study highlight key insights about consumers’ understanding of the role jewelry insurance plays during their travels:

• Travel Planning Calls for Jewelry Insurance: Approximately 40% of surveyed travelers opt to insure the jewelry they wear while traveling. Almost half of these individuals rely on their homeowners’ policies for coverage, which typically have lower coverage limits for jewelry.

• Safety Priorities: Insured travelers shared a preference for secure options such as hotel safes and dedicated travel cases. Conversely, those without insurance tend to keep their jewelry close by during their travels.

• Generational Trends: Younger adults are opting for specialized jewelry insurance, recognizing the unique advantages it offers in safeguarding their precious possessions beyond traditional homeowners or renters' policies.

• The Sting of Loss: The study found that 35% of consumers have experienced the heartbreak of losing jewelry while traveling, with hotel rooms emerging as the most common location for such misfortunes. A staggering 87% of respondents admitted to traveling with their engagement rings, emphasizing the need for heightened loss prevention awareness and protective safety measures.

• Insurance Coverage Uncertainty: In perhaps the most startling revelation, nearly half of travelers attested they were uncertain whether their insurance policies provide adequate coverage while traveling abroad.

Jewelers Mutual emphasizes the importance of securing specialized jewelry insurance that offers comprehensive worldwide coverage while traveling.

“Our goal is to educate and empower consumers to safeguard their jewelry so they can wear it without worry,” said Howard Stone, VP of Global Risk Services and Analytics at Jewelers Mutual. “The insights gained from our latest study underscore the need for more informed decision-making when it comes to traveling with jewelry, and we are committed to being a trusted advisor for loss prevention education and helping consumers keep themselves and their jewelry safe.”

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