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Jewelers on Instagram: Part 1 Holiday Edition 2020 |  December 15, 2020 (0 comments)

2020-12-15 Hildgund

Merrick, NY--Many jewelers love using Instagram. It's a great place to showcase products and even highlight recently engaged customers, in-store specials and much more. In short, it's the place where one picture is worth 1,000 words -- and possibly a sale!

The Centurion took a look at some better jewelers across the US on Instagram. In fact, there were so many there are two installments of Jewelers on Instagram: Holiday Edition 2020.

Browse on down to view this recent group of images. As always, there were great images, beautiful jewelry and happy customers. Check out what your colleagues are doing on Instagram below and click thru to their Instagram accounts for more.

And if you have a great Instagram story to tell, please share it with us! Send information to Centurion Newsletter editor Hedda Schupak,

Hildgund, Maui, HI


Tiny Jewel Box, Washington DC


Cindi Earl Jewelry, Nashville, TN


Underwood Jewelers, Jacksonville, FL


Long’s Jewelers, Boston, MA


Morgan’s Jewelers, Torrance, CA


MJ Christensen Diamonds, Las Vegas, NV


Bremer Jewelry, Peoria, IL


Roberson’s Fine Jewelry, Little Rock, AR


Mednikow, Memphis TN

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