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Jewelers Touch Shares Key Insights on Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring February 09, 2024 (0 comments)


Brea, CA--In a new educational video shared on Twitter by Jewelers Touch, Jimmy Cleveland, a diamontologist with 28 years of experience, sheds light on selecting the ideal diamond engagement ring for Valentine's Day. Cleveland offers guidance on narrowing the choices to two timeless options: the diamond solitaire and the halo diamond engagement ring.

[Screengrab via @jewelerstouch/Twitter]

Cleveland explains in the video that the diamond solitaire engagement ring features a single diamond mounted in the center, standing alone as the focal point. According to Cleveland, this style is a classic choice for those seeking to highlight the beauty of a singular diamond.

On the other hand, the halo diamond engagement ring is characterized by its unique design, where the central diamond is encircled by a 'halo' of smaller diamonds. This arrangement enhances the ring's sparkle and creates the illusion of a larger central stone. Regardless of the central diamond's shape, whether round, square, or pear-shaped, the surrounding halo of smaller diamonds defines this style.

Jewelers Touch's video aims to simplify the decision-making process for couples during the romantic season by focusing on these two popular styles, ensuring that every viewer can make a choice that resonates with their taste and the significance of their gesture. 

See the video here.

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