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Jewelry Box Leads Police To A Serial Killer May 22, 2019 (0 comments)


Dallas, TX—A 46-year-old man posing as a retirement community maintenance worker may be a serial killer responsible for the deaths of at least a dozen elderly women from 2016 through 2018. 

The Dallas Morning News reports that Billy Chemirmir (left) has been indicted in the deaths of 12 women in various senior living complexes in the Dallas area. He is believed to have smothered each with a pillow. Because all 12 victims were elderly and lived alone, their deaths initially were not ruled as suspicious. Image: Dallas Morning News

But then a 13th victim spoke up. An unnamed 91-year-old woman survived Chemirmir’s attack. He knocked her out of her walker and down to the floor, and put a pillow over her face. He left her unconscious—but still alive. A friend found her and called 911. 

When she regained consciousness, she discovered her jewelry was gone. She described Chemirmir, and as police tracked him, they observed him tossing a jewelry box into a trash receptacle. Upon retrieving the box, they discovered it belonged to another recently deceased woman, prompting the investigation other unattended deaths of elderly women and missing jewelry. A dozen were eventually connected to Chemirmir. 

Read more here and here.

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