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John Carter Receives 2024 Robert M. Shipley Award April 17, 2024 (0 comments)


Austin, TX--John Carter, president of Jack Lewis Jewelers, has been awarded the Robert M. Shipley Award, the most distinguished accolade from the American Gem Society (AGS). This honor was presented to Carter at the annual Robert M. Shipley Award Luncheon at the AGS Conclave in Austin, Texas.

“John Carter is the most deserving recipient of the Robert M. Shipley Award. He’s been a true bridge builder, furthering the purpose and ideas of the American Gem Society,” said Clayton Bromberg, CG, CEO of Underwood Jewelers in Jacksonville, FL, and a past Shipley recipient who presented the award to Carter.

Carter is a Certified Gemologist Appraiser with AGS. In 2012, he joined the AGS International Board of Directors. By 2013, he had become chair of the Conclave Subcommittee. His exemplary leadership skills were further recognized when he was elected president of the AGS International Board of Directors in 2018.

Today, he contributes his expertise as the chair of the Gemological Sciences Committee. He Carter is a tireless volunteer who is always willing to help AGS by readily sharing his talent and knowledge, AGS said in a statement.

“John has had a tremendous positive impact on AGS," said Katherine Bodoh, CEO of AGS. “During his time as chair of the Conclave Subcommittee, Conclave underwent a transformation, adopting a format that remains in place today. As president of the AGS International Board of Directors, John championed the creation of the Beatrice Shipley Scholarship and traveled on behalf of AGS to promote its benefits to the industry. He remains a tireless volunteer and continues to do so much to enrich AGS and its community.”

Carter’s dedication and contributions to the AGS have been so profound that his friends within the organization consider him the “Modern Day Mr. AGS,” a title that pays homage to Al Woodill's legacy and aptly reflects Carter's influential role and unwavering commitment to AGS.

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