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JSA: Security Advice In Case Of Rioting And Looting June 03, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—In the wake of riots sweeping the country since last week, The Jewelers’ Security Alliance has sent out the following bulletin: (Image: KTLA TV, Los Angeles)

1. Pay close attention to the advice of local police and other sources, including mall management, and monitor the situation with local news. Do not remain open during periods of expected disturbance. When tensions build, even non-violent protests can evolve into rioting and looting. 

2. Put all merchandise away in a safe or vault. If you do not have room for all low-end product, lock it away in a closet or drawer. Do not leave out any exposed product in showcases or elsewhere, which will act as a magnet for looters. 

3. Do not cover your showcases. Keep showcases empty and unlocked. Post a sign on your front saying "All Merchandise Has Been Removed from These Premises."

4. Keep employees informed regarding whether you are remaining open. Know how to contact them rapidly.

5. Keep complete inventory records offsite or in the cloud so that prompt insurance adjustment can be made if damage occurs. Remove other important documents from the store, such as GIA grading reports.

6. Attempting to physically protect your store with weapons presents a grave risk of injury or death to a jeweler. Rampaging crowds are not easily stopped. Additionally, the jeweler could face serious civil or criminal liability if the jeweler injures someone. Rely on your insurance protection.

7. Keep a list of firms providing necessary clean-up services including glass repair, locksmiths, smoke and industrial cleaning, and door and other construction repairs.

8. If you have entry damage, you may need to hire a security guard service to secure the premises.

9. In the case of entry and damage when police are unable to respond, preserve any evidence left in your store, including broken glass with blood residue. This can contain DNA evidence. Bag each item in a separate paper bag for use in a later investigation, and note the location in the store where it was found, as well as the date and time.

10. In the case of damage to your store, take video and photos of the premises.

11. In the case of an alarm condition, do not respond alone without police or guard accompaniment.

12. In areas of severe risk, you may wish to board up your doors and windows until tensions cool.

13. Follow the advice of your insurance agent for proper claims procedures if damage occurs. 

Finally, JSA posted additional advice as multiple jewelers have suffered damage during the riots. JSA president John Kennedy urges extra patience and caution. 

“A jeweler shouldn’t respond to the store until the situation has calmed down, otherwise he or she puts themselves at risk. If you know there is damage, the first thing may be to call your insurance agent. The next thing to do may be to get police or a guard service to accompany you when you respond to the scene. The next thing is to hire a security guard to secure your store. Finally, you must call the tradespeople you need to repair glass and construction, restore locks, and clean up.”

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